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Publications produced by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) are available for downloading and printing from this site. If a publication is not available electronically, you will be provided instructions for requesting a paper copy. 

The Division of Health Care Access and Accountability (DHCAA) and Division of Long Term Care (DLTC) have combined into the Division of Medicaid Services (DMS). When searching for forms, please use the new acronym.

Assigned Number Title Other Location
P-00515B Wisconsin Primary Care HPSAs - Federally Designated Health Professional Shortage Areas
P-00460D Mental Health Loan Repayment Resources for Health Professional Shortage Areas in Wisconsin
P-00392 Nutrition Matters: Safe Foods for Your Baby
P-00405 Pregnant Women and Alcohol/Substance Abuse Poster, 11 x 17
P-00506A WEAVR Poster - Veterinarians - Cow
P-00471 What Moms Tell Us: Unintended Pregnancy
P-00490 Nutrition Matters: Seven Ways to Eat More Dark Green Vegetables
P-00413A Living my Dream - Partnership, Family Care, and IRIS Manual
P-00513 Multiple Sclerosis Assessment: Services and Rates for Wisconsin Well Woman Program
P-00451B Wisconsin EMS Scope of Practice - Intermediate
P-00457 Optimal Fluoride Level Recommendations, Community Water Fluoridation
P-00381 Wisconsin Health Facts: Poverty and Health, 2010
P-00505 Iraqi Refugee Data Summary 2008-2011 - Preliminary Report
P-00427 Assisted Living Serious Violations with Enforcement Misappropriation Prescription Medications
P-00464A Part C, Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act - State Performance Plan (SPP)
P-00398 What Moms Tell Us - Breastfeeding
P-00409 Wisconsin Senior Community Services Employment Program State Plan
P-00507E Increase Fruit & Vegetable Access, Availability, and Consumption
P-00446 The Simple Tests that May Save Your Baby's Life - Amish
P-00370 Safety Culture
P-00495 Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Provider Recertification Applications Available Online
P-00418B Living my Dream - Waiver Programs
P-00516 You Can Work - Youth in Transition
P-00462 WEAVR - Putting Your Skills to Work for Wisconsin
P-00393 Nutrition Matters: Baby's First Finger Foods
P-00405A Pregnant Women and Alcohol/Substance Abuse Poster, 11 x 17
P-00506B WEAVR Poster - Veterinarians - Kitten
P-00439 Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus Member Q & A Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
P-00473 2012 NPAO Coalition Snapshot
P-00491 Nutrition Matters: Seven Ways to Eat Frozen Fruits & Vegetables
P-00413B Living my Dream - Waiver Manual
P-00451C Wisconsin EMS Scope of Practice - Intermediate Technician / Advanced EMT
P-00459 Nursing Home Top Ten Health Deficiencies - 2012
P-00386 Wisconsin Healthcare Personnel Influenza Vaccination - "80 Percent Club" 2012-13 Influenza Season
P-00505A Burmese Refugee Data Summary 2008-2011 - Preliminary Report
P-00428 Strategies to Promote Regulatory Compliance in Wisconsin Assisted Living Facilities - Adult Family Homes
P-00399 Community Walking and Bicycling Audit Tool
P-00410 Wisconsin Resources for Provider Recruitment and Retention
P-00507F Encourage Healthy Food & Beverage Consumption
P-00447 Wisconsin Medicaid Premium Reforms: Preliminary Price Impact Findings
P-00485 Nutrition Matters: 7 Ways to Eat More Fruits & Vegetables
P-00496 Options Counseling Initial Discovery Training Guide
P-00518 Questions about Rabies Prevention Associated with Animal Exposures?
P-00463 National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Portal Tips: Managing Site Profile
P-00394 Nutrition Matters: I'm Nine Months
P-00405B Are You Pregnant - Women and Alcohol/Substance Abuse Poster, 11 x 17
P-00507 Wisconsin Nutrition, Physical Activity & Obesity State Plan
P-00475 What Works in Afterschool
P-00492 Nutrition Matters: Seven Ways to Eat More Red & Orange Vegetables
P-00451D Wisconsin EMS Scope of Practice - Critical Care Paramedic


Last Revised: May 22, 2018