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Publications produced by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) are available for downloading and printing. If a publication is not available electronically, you will be provided instructions for requesting a paper copy. When you are searching for a publication, just enter the number in the search box below. 

Assigned Number Title Division Other Location
P-00039 Fact Sheet for Parents: Tdap Requirements for Middle and High School Students DPH
P-23131 SSI Caretaker Supplement (CTS) Handbook DMS
P-00419 FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) Handbook DMS
P-10030 Medicaid Eligibility Handbook DMS
P-10171 BadgerCare Plus Eligibility Handbook DMS
P-90022 Vaccines Recommended at Ages 11-12: What Parents Should Know DPH
P-01622 Memory Screening in the Community Manual DPH
P-02567 Bureau of Assisted Living Provider Search Monthly Additions DQA
P-02990 COVID-19 Vaccine for Ages 5 and Older: What Parents and Guardians Should Know CRT
P-03287 Monkeypox: Symptom Monitoring DPH
P-03269 COVID-19 Vaccinator Training and Readiness Checklist CRT
P-03288 Revised DHS Opioid Settlement Funds Proposal for SFY 2023 OS
P-02022 Postdoctoral Fellowships: Forensic Psychology DCTS
P-00328 What do you do if you suspect someone is being abused? Adult Protective Services Guide for Elder Adults at Risk and Adults at Risk DPH
P-00328A Wisconsin Adult Protective Services: Contact Information for Elder-Adult-at-Risk Agencies, Adult-at-Risk Agencies, and Tribal Adult Protective Services Agencies DPH
P-03283 Monkeypox (JYNNEOS): Vaccine Fact Sheet for Clinicians DPH
P-02088 Chapter 50 Resident Relocation Requirements Flowchart DMS
P-00088Y Tell Me More About Addressing My Concerns DPH
P-00195C Confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information Obtained through Child Find Activities - CWC and MMHI DMS
P-03284 Monkeypox Virus DPH
P-02370C Monthly Enrollment Report for Family Care, Partnership, and PACE 2022 DMS
P-00456 Bureau of Assisted Living Survey Entrance Handout DQA
P-03260 ACCESS Website E-Payment Instructions: User Guide for Members DMS
P-00191 Survey Guide — Personal Care Agency Approval DQA
P-02297 MyACCESS Mobile App Instructions DMS
P-03110 Multidrug-Resistant Organism (MDRO) Screening Tests: Resident and Family Education DPH
P-02984 Vaccines for Children Program DPH
P-00619 Tuberculosis (TB) Follow-Up Recommendations for Arrivals With a TB Class Condition DPH
P-03073 CLTS Provider Recruitment Flyer DMS
P-03271 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): Ideas for Taking Action DPH
P-02665B Home and Community Based Services: Protecting yourself and others DPH
P-02256 Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Waiver Manual for the CLTS Waiver Program DMS
P-02665C Home and Community Based Services: Using layered prevention strategies for protection DPH
P-02665D Providers of Non-Emergency Transportation Services: Using layered prevention DPH
P-03282 ADRC Director Longevity DPH
P-10063 Wisconsin Medicaid Spousal Impoverishment Protection DMS
P-02555 Fiscal Employer Agent (FEA) Scorecard DMS
P-02747 Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Sandata Portal and System Overview DMS
P-03154 Wisconsin Diabetes Action Plan Report to the State Legislature DPH
P-03278A Get Free and Unbiased Information and Assistance with Medicare, Tear-off Card (SHIP, MIPPA) DPH
P-03278B Get Free and Unbiased Information and Assistance with Medicare, Printing Instructions (SHIP, MIPPA) DPH
P-03062 ADRC Operations Manual – Chapters 1-7 DPH
P-03277 Health Equity Assessment and Resource Team (HEART) LTHD Health Equity Strengths and Needs Survey Results Summary DPH
P-03136 Get your COVID-19 vaccine and other vaccines at the same time CRT
P-03278 Get Free and Unbiased Information and Assistance with Medicare, Poster (SHIP, MIPPA) DPH
P-03275 Plan to Protect DPH
P-00996 Children and Family Program Specialist Assignment Map DMS
P-03267 Wisconsin Child Psychiatry Consultation Program (CPCP) DPH
P-45103A Take action if your private well has high manganese. DPH
P-01046 Prenatal Care Coordination DMS


Last Revised: March 23, 2021