Corporate Guardianship

For questions regarding corporate guardianships, call 608-266-8481 or email

Consumer Guide to Health Care for Corporate Guardianship information including provider directories.

The DQA corporate guardianship webpages are designed to provide information about corporate guardianships and to provide information, guidance and materials for those involved in the application process to become a corporate guardianship.

Definition: A corporate guardianship is a corporation or individual established to provide guardianship services for individuals who have no close family or other support systems and who need legal protection.

Navigation Links to Corporate Guardianship Information:

Rules & Regulations - Wisconsin Statutes and Administrative Codes pertaining to corporate guardianships

Forms - Forms needed to establish a corporate guardianship

Providers -- Division of Quality Assurance resources about and for corporate guardianship providers, including a Directory of Approved Corporate Guardianships and DQA memos, newsletters and healthcare policy-related information

Contacts -- State agency, federal agency and information pertaining to corporate guardianships

Last Revised: March 1, 2016