Division of Quality Assurance Construction/Remodeling for Health Care Facilities Construction Inspections

A completed Compliance Statement is required to be submitted to DQA prior to a final inspection. The following additional checklists are tools to use as a reference list of common items reviewed during a health care construction inspection. Questions relating to required elements of a final occupancy inspection should be directed to your DQA Inspector.

  • F-62495 Compliance Statement. Required prior to the initial occupancy of a new building or addition, as well as required prior to the final occupancy of an alteration of an existing building.
  • F-62494 Health Care Facility Construction Documentation Checklist
  • F-00016 DHS Wall Closure Inspection - Common items inspected prior to enclosing a wall assembly.
  • F-00015 DHS Final Occupancy Inspection - Common items inspected prior to occupancy.
  • F-00014 DHS Ceiling Closure Inspection - Common items inspected prior to enclosing a ceiling cavity.

Fulfilling all of the items listed on these checklists will not ensure compliance as they are not a comprehensive index of all applicable requirements. These checklists do not exempt the Division's inspection authority.

Last Revised: January 9, 2015