Construction/Remodeling for Health Care Facilities: Office of Plan Review and Inspection (OPRI)

OPRI Administrative Staff

Henry Kosarzycki, Architect, Director, 414-750-0459

Vacant, Construction Supervisor

Vacant, Surveyor Supervisor

Sandy Meyers, Quality Assurance, 608-266-0224

OPRI Plan Intake Office

Joann Henriques, OPRI Plan Intake Coordinator
819 North 6th Street, Room 609B
Milwaukee WI 53203-1606

OPRI Survey and Construction Administration Staff

Office of Plan Review and Inspection Survey and Construction Administration Areas, P-01868 (PDF)

Construction Administration Team

Vacant, Construction Supervisor

Mark Blaskowski, Professional Engineer, Northwest Region, 715-780-0630

Dave Wallace, Professional Engineer, Southwest Region, 608-220-0753

David Lintz, Architect, Southwest Region, 920-360-2340

Gregory Fischer, Architect, Southeast Region, 608-228-5641

Ganesh Shrestha, Professional Engineer, Southeast Region, 414-507-6138

John Fennimore, Professional Engineer, Southeast Region, 414-550-9631

Survey Team

Vacant, Surveyor Supervisor

Ryan Jarvis, Professional Engineer, Northwest Region, 715-577-8013

Dan Schreiber, Architect, Northeast Region, 920-366-2221

Fokruddin Khondaker, Architect, Southwest Region, 608-228-5951

Allan Wirth, Architect, Southeast Region, 414-419-0905

Last Revised: February 4, 2020