Construction/Remodeling Plan Review for Health Care Facilities: Events

Health Care Built Environment (HCBE) conferences feature leaders in health care facility design, construction, and operations. The intended audience is health care facility owners and managers, designers, builders, regulatory officials, and Division of Quality Assurance life safety code surveyors.

The next HCBE conference is being planned based on feedback received from all stakeholders engaged in the health care facility design, construction, and operations industry in Wisconsin.

2018 HCBE Conference

This conference was held on March 14, 2018, and brought together major stakeholders engaged in the development of health care infrastructure through a common thread of process improvement, from planning, regulatory review, and construction through to occupancy.

Refer to the conference agenda (PDF) to view a list of presentations and speakers. Listed below is a list of the presentations that included handouts.

Title of Presentation Handouts
Achieving 20% Across-the-Board Operational Cuts with Lean Handout (PDF)
Adaptive Reuse of Vacated Hospital and Healthcare Buildings Handout (PDF)
An Innovative Approach for a New Children’s Hospital Handout (PDF)
Innovative Virtual Regulatory Review, Through a Collaborative Team Environment Handout (PDF)
LTC Adaptive Reuse: The Process to Reclaiming and Revitalizing Healthcare Physical Environments Handout (PDF)
Project Readiness Assessments: Key Decision Points for Successful Organizations Handout (PDF)
Road to Recovery: Person-Centered Design in Behavioral Health Handout (PDF)
Panel Discussion: Challenges and Optimal Outcomes in: Team Selection, Project Goals, Design Reviews, Construction Progress, Occupancy Outcomes, and Operational Success Handout (PDF)

2016 HCBE Conference

This conference was held on October 27, 2016. Refer to the conference agenda (PDF) to view a list of presentations and speakers.

Listed below is a list of the presentations, speaker names, and handouts. Many of the presentations were webcast. Select the presentation title to watch the video of these presentations.

Title of Presentation/Webcast Handouts
Health Care Industry: Focused Data Independence, Kimon Onuma No handout
Regulatory Impact on the State of Healthcare, Jonathan Flannery Handout (PDF)
Capital Improvement Development Process at Hospitals, Jonathan Flanne Handout (PDF)
Meeting the Owner’s Expectations Through Design, Joel Boado Handout (PDF)
Collaboration, Data and Technology Nexus, Robert Wible Handout (PDF)
Importance of the Partnership for a Health Care Project, Gale Price, James Bartl
Handout 1 (PDF)
Handout 2 (PDF)
Responsive Construction Codes for a Complex and Rapidly Changing Environ Handout (PDF)
Building Communication, Brad Dubinsky Handout (PDF)
Next Steps, Kimon Onuma No Handout
Last Revised: June 15, 2022