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Farmers Market Nutrition Program Modernization

New check deposit method

A chalkboard, "Farmer's Market", surrounds with baskets of vegetables.

The WIC and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) is modernizing. Check processing and payment will no longer happen at the bank. FMNP checks will include a QR code, and farmers may deposit them electronically or by mail.

To deposit FMNP checks, farmers may:

  • Scan the QR code with TPS RapidFMNP app at the market for real-time deposit.
  • Scan the QR code with TPS RapidFMNP app at home for after-market deposit.
  • Mail in checks for deposit.

Farmers who have a smart device, phone, or tablet with apps are encouraged to use the TPS Rapid FMNP app for deposit. This year, checks can still be deposited by mail but this may not be an option in future years.

Before the market

Read the Introduction to Electronic Check Processing (PDF) guide to learn about:

  • Redemption options.
  • How to set up your online account. For a step-by-step guide, read Activating Your Account (PDF).
  • Electronic check redemption.
  • Adding additional users.
  • Using Training Mode for practice.

For more in-depth information, see the Detailed Guide on Electronic Check Deposit. (PDF)

Hmong Translation Introduction to Electronic Check Processing (PDF)

At the market

When at the market or farmstand, have the Using your App at the Market or Farmstand (PDF) guide available to learn how to:

  • Select a market or farmstand.
  • Scan a QR code.
  • Deposit a check for weekly payment.

Hmong Translation Using Your App at the Market or Farmstand (PDF)

FMNP modernization webinar

Learn about updates to the program including check deposit options, use of DocuSign, and technology use in the future.

View the webinar in Hmong.

2023 FMNP Modernization from WI Department of Health Services on Vimeo.

Support from our partners

USDA letter of support (PDF)

Frequently asked questions

Hmong Translation Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

RP Solutions
ATTN: FMNP Processing
PO Box 4200
Ithaca, NY 14850

Stamp or write your farmer number on the checks to ensure that no other farmer deposits your checks. Include the Wisconsin FMNP Deposit Form. (PDF)

Electronic payment is a direct deposit. RP Solutions will deposit check payment directly to your banking account.

This process allows the Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program to eliminate using the federal banking system.

When you use the app you will receive electronic payment weekly on Wednesday.

When mailing in paper checks, you will have the option of electronic payment weekly on Wednesday or paper check payment monthly.

No. You must be a FMNP authorized farmer. Contact your local WIC agency for a training to become an authorized farmer.

Yes. We encourage farmers to deposit checks with the app. The app deposit process is quick and easy. It requires the farmer to have an email address and allow electronic payment.

Yes. However, we strongly encourage you to try depositing checks using the app. FMNP is modernizing and moving toward a fully electronic system, which means technology will be used for both farmers and participants in the future.

Farmers can deposit checks using the app either at the market or at home.

No. Using the app eliminates mailing costs.

No. Farmers are authorized to accept and deposit checks. Market managers are not. Farmers need to deposit their own checks using the app.

No. Farmers are authorized to accept and deposit checks. Market managers are not. Farmers need to mail in their own checks for deposit.

Yes. Stamping or writing your farmer number on your check ensures that no other farmer deposits your checks.

Yes. Farmers can scan a single check or a stack of checks at once. The app will provide a notification that the check was successfully scanned. Select "Finish Scanning" when all checks have been scanned.

After scanning and selecting "Finish Scanning" a transaction summary screen will appear showing the details of each item scanned.

Once the check has been processed using the app, the check can be disposed of because checks can only be deposited once.

Keep your checks secure and deposit the checks at a different time.

The state is working to be equitable to all farmers through access, translation, and discussion.

  • The state is working to ensure markets and farmstands have internet access as more technology is used. We will provide more information on this goal in the future.
  • Materials are available in English and Hmong. If you identify a needed document and cannot find the translated version, please reach out to
  • Not all farmers are able to use technology. The hybrid solution does not require technology. With continued use of paper checks and the option to mail checks in for deposit we are hoping to retain most farmers.
    The state is brainstorming options to maintain farmers who are unable to use technology.
    Market managers, if you have farmers who are unable to use technology, we would like to discuss the modernization of FMNP with them. We could use your help to set up a meeting with the farmer or the Amish Community Bishop to discuss changes and figure out possible solutions. Please reach out to
Last revised May 14, 2024