WIC Approved Foods Shopping Tips

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The Approved Foods Booklet tells what foods the WIC Program approves. Your WIC Shopping List or grocery store receipt tells you what approved foods you can purchase with your eWIC Card.

Your eWIC Card

For easy access to your balance and purchase history and to set up or change your PIN:

  • Go to the eWIC Customer Service website: www.ebtedge.com
  • Call the eWIC automated phone line at: 1-877-231-3452

eWic card

Before You Shop

  • Look at your WIC Shopping List OR recent receipt to check available benefits. Future benefits will not be automatically loaded on to your card.
  • Check the "benefit period" or "benefit expiration" date.
  • Bring your eWIC card, Approved Foods Booklet, and WIC Shopping List or recent grocery store receipt to the store.
  • Shop early in the valid period to prevent unused benefits from expiring.

As You Shop

  • Select the right amount and package sizes of the foods listed on your WIC Shopping List or balance on the most recent receipt.
  • You are only allowed to buy foods on your WIC Shopping List and in the Approved Foods Booklet.

At the Checkout

  • Tell the cashier you are using your eWIC card, and ask if you need to separate your groceries.
  • Use coupons for non-WIC items in purchases without the eWIC card for accurate savings.
  • Rain checks and IOUs are not allowed.
  • Use your eWIC card first before SNAP/Quest card/Food Share or other forms of payment.
  • Keep your receipt after every WIC purchase. It shows your food benefit balance and expiration date.

If a Food is Not Allowed as an eWIC Purchase

  • You might not have enough benefits left.
  • It might not be on your food prescription.
  • It might not be a WIC approved food.
  • It might not be in the WIC electronic benefits transfer (EBT) system.

If any of the above happens, remember, the cashier cannot change this or let you buy the food with your eWIC card.

Keep your receipt, take a picture of the food and barcode, and contact your local WIC office as soon as possible.


  • Keep your PIN safe. If someone gets your card and knows your PIN, they could use all of your food benefits-and those benefits cannot be replaced.
  • WIC foods cannot be returned or exchanged for cash, credit, or other items.
  • WIC foods and formula cannot be sold, traded, or given away.

If You Have a Problem At the Grocery Store

  • Ask to talk with the store manager if you have a problem at the store.
  • If the issue cannot be resolved at the store, call your local WIC project to discuss your concerns.

When to Call Your WIC Office

  • You have questions about WIC foods or amounts.
  • You were not able to buy a food that you think is WIC approved.
  • Your card is lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • You need to unlock your PIN.
  • You think your receipt doesn't match what you bought.
Last Revised: November 2, 2017