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Aging and Disability Resource Centers Professionals Page

Below you will find information and resources for staff at aging and disability resource centers (ADRC). If what you are looking for is not on this page, contact us at the Division of Public Health.

Each ADRC is funded via a contract with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. The ADRC contract describes the services to be provided by and the organizational and procedural expectations for aging and disability resource centers. Taken together, the requirements in the ADRC contract define a "franchise model" for aging and disability resource centers. The Department is purchasing a set of resource center services that are intended to be consistently available to citizens throughout the State.

2024 ADRC Contract: Scope of Service (PDF)

This page provides links to key documents relating to the history of Aging and Disability Resource Centers in Wisconsin. ADRCs have been a principal component of Wisconsin's long term care redesign since its inception. The State's first ADRCs opened in 1998.

Statutory requirements relating to ADRCs are in Wis. Stat. §§ 46.283 and 46.285.

Regulations relating to ADRCs are in Wis. Admin. Code. ch. DHS 10, subch. II.

ADRC contact information

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State staff directory

Office for Resource Center Development (ORCD), Wisconsin Department of Health Services staff dedicated to assisting ADRCs operate successfully:

Office for Resource Center Development (ORCD) Staff Directory

Regional ADRC Quality Specialists (RQS):

Assignment Map, P-02603 Updated February 2020


View the list of ADRC publications

ADRC Operations Manual

Assigned Number Title Sort descending
P-03062 01. ADRC Operations Manual – Information and Assistance
P-03062 02. ADRC Operations Manual – Options Counseling
P-03062 02A. ADRC Operations Manual – MDS-Q and Nursing Home Transitions
P-03062 03. ADRC Operations Manual – Publicly Funded Long-Term Care
P-03062 03A. ADRC Operations Manual – Enrollment Counseling
P-03062 03B. ADRC Operations Manual – Disenrollment Counseling
P-03062 04. ADRC Operations Manual – Eligibility Determination
P-03062 04A. ADRC Operations Manual – Long-Term Care Functional Screen
P-03062 04B. ADRC Operations Manual – Financial Eligibility and General Medicaid
P-03062 05. ADRC Operations Manual: Elder and Disability Benefit Specialist Programs
P-03062 05A. ADRC Operations Manual: Disability Benefits Specialist Program
P-03062 05B. ADRC Operations Manual: Elder Benefit Specialist Program
P-03062 06. ADRC Operations Manual - Elder Benefit Specialist Program
P-03062 07. ADRC Operations Manual – Dementia Care Specialist Program
P-03062 08. ADRC Operations Manual - Marketing, Outreach, and Public Education
P-03062 09. ADRC Operations Manual - Client Tracking for ADRC Specialists and Dementia Care Specialists
P-03062 10. ADRC Operations Manual - Time and Task Reporting
P-03062 11. History of ADRC and Aging Programs
P-03062 12. ADRC Operations Manual - Organizational Structure
P-03062 13. ADRC Operations Manual - Location and Physical Space
P-03062 14. ADRC Operations Manual - Equipment, Technology, and Systems
P-03062 15. ADRC Operations Manual - Governing Boards, Commissions, and Committees
P-03062 16. ADRC Operations Manual: Fiscal Management
P-03062 17. ADRC Operations Manual: Emergency Preparedness
P-03062 18. ADRC Operations Manual: Advocacy
P-03062 19. ADRC Operations Manual: Health Equity
P-03062 20. ADRC Operations Manual: Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Definitions
P-03062 31. Aging Policy Manual: Overview of the Aging Network
P-03062 32. Aging Policy Manual: Organizational Requirements for Area Agencies on Aging
P-03062 33. Aging Policy Manual: Organizational Requirements for Aging Units
P-03062 34. Aging Policy Manual: Area Agency on Aging Plans
P-03062 35. Aging Policy Manual: Aging Unit Plans
P-03062 36. Aging Policy Manual: Personnel
P-03062 37. Aging Policy Manual: Service Delivery Options
P-03062 38. Aging Policy Manual: Nutrition Program Operations
P-03062 39. Aging Policy Manual: Family Caregiver Support
P-03062 41. Aging Policy Manual: Contract Administration
P-03062 42. National Aging Program Information System (NAPIS) Report
Last revised January 22, 2024