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Consumer Guide: Finding and Choosing a Facility Serving People with Developmental Disabilities

In Wisconsin, the state licenses and regulates facilities serving people with developmental disabilities (FDDs). An FDD is also known as an intermediate care facility for individuals with intellectual disabilities (ICF/IID). There's a directory with details about each regulated FDD in Wisconsin. View it in Excel or as a PDF.

View FDD directory as a PDF

View FDD directory in Excel

What is an FDD?

Facilities serving people with developmental disabilities (FDDs) are also federally known as intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities (ICF/IID). An FDD is a place where four or more people with developmental disabilities, who aren't related, live. In addition to providing medical treatment and supervision, FDDs offer active treatment programming to help residents keep and improve their developmental, behavioral, and social skills. Examples include:

  • Doing daily living activities.
  • Getting an education.
  • Having a job.
  • Engaging in organized social activities.

When looking for the right FDD, it's important to find one that you like and trust. We have resources to help you find and choose an FDD that works for you and your loved one.

FDD resources

Expand the section that applies to you to view a list of resources. Select a link to learn more.

Along with the directory, these resources can help you learn more about FDD options.

  • Aging and disability resource centers (ADRCs) - Learn how ADRCs serve the public and how to contact your local ADRC. ADRCs help with issues that affect older adults, people with disabilities, and their families. Your ADRC makes it easy to learn about options near you and apply for programs and benefits. Their services are free if you live in Wisconsin.
  • Division of Care and Treatment Services - Learn about care and treatment facilities, including centers for people with intellectual disabilities. There are three centers in Madison, Chippewa Falls, and Union Grove.
  • Finding and Choosing an Assisted Living Facility - Learn more about care facility options.
  • Provider Search - Use the Provider Search tool to find health and residential care providers in Wisconsin. You can filter results to show only certain types of facilities, such as an FDD/ICF-IID.
  • Residential Care Options by County - Access details about residential care options based on where you live. Use a map or county listing to select your county and learn more.

These resources show how consumers rate certain FDDs. They also show which FDDs have gotten citations for not meeting state requirements.

  • Consumer Information Reports for Nursing Homes and FDDs - Find reports with details about each Wisconsin FDD. Reports mention any federal violations and staff information.
  • FDDs - Learn more about how FDDs are regulated in Wisconsin.
  • Provider Search - Use the Provider Search tool to find health and residential care providers in Wisconsin. View any survey results and citations from the past three years.

These resources can help you understand laws that protect those living in FDDs.

Developmental Disability Programs and Information - Find programs in Wisconsin that help kids and adults with disabilities.

Last revised February 5, 2024