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Consumer Guide: Residential Care Options by County

A number of residential care options are available to those who need it. Services are offered for:

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Use the map or list below to learn about options available in your county. Some of the details we offer include:

Provider Search lets you find a health or residential care provider and view survey results. These include results from inspections and investigations. The official survey report from the Division of Quality Assurance is called a Statement of Deficiencies. When violations are cited, a provider’s response is called a Plan of Correction. A three-year history is available for most providers.

Aging and disability resource centers provide information on a wide range of programs and services. Their services are offered at the center, over the phone, or through a home visit. You can choose the option that works best for you. These resource centers can help you:

  • Understand your options for long-term care.
  • Apply for programs and benefits.
  • Access publicly funded, long-term care.

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To learn what county a community is in, find it on our list of Wisconsin Cities, Villages, Townships, and Unincorporated Places (PDF).

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Last revised December 20, 2023