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Lead-Safe Wisconsin: Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Surveillance System Job Aids

The Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Surveillance System (HHLPSS) is a web-based, case management and surveillance application developed by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) for state and local childhood lead poisoning prevention programs. HHLPSS is used to track:

  • Blood lead test results.
  • Property addresses associated with blood lead test results.
  • Case management activities.
  • Lead hazard investigations.
  • Lead hazard remediation.

The job aids below will help you navigate HHLPSS. For the best user experience with HHLPSS, use Edge, Chrome, or Firefox.

If you have questions, call us at 608-266-5817 or email

Read FAQs (frequently asked questions) about HHLPSS

Job aids

Monthly (Q&A) question-and-answer sessions

We now hold monthly Q&A sessions regarding HHLPSS. These sessions focus on answering questions from HHLPSS users to help them navigate the system.

View past recordings.

Last revised October 28, 2022