The Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Surveillance System (HHLPSS) is a web-based, case management and surveillance application that was developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for state and local childhood lead poisoning prevention programs. HHLPSS is used to track blood lead test results, addresses associated with elevated blood lead levels, case management activities, lead hazard investigations, and lead hazard remediation.

The following job aids will assist you with negotiating the Wisconsin HHLPSS web-based system. For the most successful experience, use Internet Explorer for your internet platform; do not use Chrome or Firefox. If you have questions, please contact the HHLPSS Coordinator, 608-266-5817, or via email, DHS Lead Poisoning Prevention Program.


HHLPSS Job Aid 1.2: Getting a WILMS Account, P-02299-1.2 (PDF)

HHLPSS Job Aid 1.3: Logging into HHLPSS, P-02299-1.3 (PDF)

HHLPSS Job Aid 1.4: HHLPSS Modules, P-02299-1.4 (PDF)


HHLPSS Job Aid 2.1: Clinical Alerts, P-02299-2.1 (PDF)

HHLPSS Job Aid 2.2: Investigation Alerts, P-02299-2.2 (PDF)


HHLPSS Job Aid 3.1: Find a Patient and Patient Information, P-02299-3.1 (PDF)

HHLPSS Job Aid 3.2: Clinical Letters, P-02299-3.2 (PDF)

HHLPSS Job Aid 3.3: Adding Family Members and Guardian P-02299-3.3 (PDF)

HHLPSS Job Aid 3.4: Patient Address, P-02299-3.4 (PDF)

HHLPSS Job Aid 3.5: Viewing Blood Lead Tests, P-02299-3.5 (PDF)

HHLPSS Job Aid 3.6: Case Details: Initiation and Information, P-02299-3.6 (PDF)

HHLPSS Job Aid 3.7: Case Closure, P-02299-3.7 (PDF)

HHLPSS Job Aid 3.8: Case Exposure Sources, P-02299-3.8 (PDF)

HHLPSS Job Aid 3.9: Associated Persons and Household Members, P-02299-3.9 (PDF)

HHLPSS Job Aid 3.10: Other Blood Tests, P-02299-3.10 (PDF)

HHLPSS Job Aid 3.11: Other Medical Information, P-02299-3.11 (PDF)

HHLPSS Job Aid 3.12: Chelation, P-02299-3.12 (PDF)

HHLPSS Job Aid 3.13: Patient Notes, P-02299-3.13 (PDF)

HHLPSS Job Aid 3.14: Patient Attachments, P-02299-3.14 (PDF)


HHLPSS Job Aid 4.1: Find an Address, P-02299-4.1 (PDF)

HHLPSS Job Aid 4.2: Entering Property Notes, P-02299-4.2 (PDF)

HHLPSS Job Aid 4.3: Adding Attachments, P-02299-4.3 (PDF)

HHLPSS Job Aid 4.4: Adding a Supplemental Address, P-02299-4.4 (PDF)


HHLPSS Job Aid 5.1: Blood Lead Tests Report, P-02299-5.1 (PDF)

Last Revised: October 24, 2019