Breastfeeding Education

This set of 15 single-concept breastfeeding education cards was developed by the Wisconsin WIC Program, along with the Maternal and Child Health Program. The cards are designed to be printed on cardstock paper and in color to be attractive.

A pocket card bearing the text of State Statute 253.16, which protects the right to breastfeed in public or private places, also is available.

Single copies of the cards may be printed from this page for your information, but may not be copied and distributed. To order these materials, use our publications directory and order form.

Publication Title Description
Breastfeeding Publications
You Have the Right to Breastfeed CARD #1

Explains your right to learn about breastfeeding, to breastfeed in the hospital after giving birth, and to breastfeed in any public or private location. Replaces "Breastfeeding Information from Someone Who Knows."
Answers to Your Questions CARD #2

Answers to common breastfeeding questions, including: diet, smoking, alcohol and medications. Replaces "Breastfeeding Can Fit Into Your Life."
Why Should I Breastfeed? CARD #3

Information about the nutritional and health values of breast milk, and the benefits of breastfeeding to mothers, babies, parents and families. Replaces "The Best Start."
Breastfeeding In the First Weeks CARD #4

More information on how to get started breastfeeding, how often to breastfeed, signs of hunger, a good latch-on and ending a feeding.
Making Enough Milk for Your Baby CARD #5

How to tell if baby is getting enough breast milk, plus information on growth spurts and increasing milk supply.
Breast Care and Comfort CARD #6

Information on how to prevent and treat engorgement, plugged ducts, and sore nipples.
Healthy Sleep for Babies CARD #7

Explains sleeping behaviors of babies - the difference between light and deep sleep, why waking often is important for young babies, and tips for sleepy parents.
Babies Cry CARD #7A

Explains basic baby behaviors - why babies cry, recognizing hunger cues, and tips for calming a fussy baby.
Breastfeeding and Work or School CARD #8

Information on continuing to enjoy the ease and special closeness of breastfeeding while away from baby.
Expressing Your Breast Milk CARD #9

Explains how to express breast milk by hand or by using a breast pump. Formerly titled "Collecting Breast Milk."
Breast Milk Storage Guidelines CARD #10

Information on safe storage and preparation of breast milk, based on American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations.
How Long Should I Breastfeed My Baby? CARD #11

American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation for length of time to breastfeed, plus helpful hints for weaning. Replaces "Breastfeeding an Older Baby."
Teething and Nursing Strike


CARD #13

Suggestions for teething and nursing strikes.
Hold Me Heart-To-Heart


CARD #14

Information on why all babies need to be held close to your heart and why skin-to-skin contact is so important.


My Breastfeeding Plan


CARD #15

Many mothers who work outside the home continue to breastfeed. Planning ahead helps make going back to work easier. Suggestions for combining work and breastfeeding.
Breastfeeding Peer Counselors This trifold brochure will introduce participants to the WIC Peer Program.

Breast Milk Building Blocks Poster

This poster uses building blocks to demonstrate the differences between formula and breast milk.
Right to Breastfeed Pocket Card


These 4" by 2.5" cards, bearing the text of State Statute 253.16, are available in three formats.
  • While the supply lasts, order the preprinted version in multiples of 100. 
  • Make your own cards designed for printing on Avery 5376 business card sheets. (PDF)
  • Make and trim your own cards designed for printing on heavy card stock. (PDF)
Last Revised: May 22, 2020