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WIC: Information for Farmers

The WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) and Senior FMNP aim to help farmers. Each year, the FMNP gives checks to members of WIC (Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children) to spend at farmers markets. This helps bring new buyers to the market. It also boosts sales for local Wisconsin farmers.

Who can join FMNP as a farmer?

To join FMNP as a farmer, you must grow one or more of the items you sell. These are called “homegrown products.” With homegrown products, you must:

What are FMNP approved foods?

The Approved Foods List (PDF) has the foods members can buy with FMNP checks. FMNP foods must be:

  • Fresh fruits, vegetables, or herbs to eat.
  • Grown in Wisconsin or at a farm within 50 miles of Wisconsin. You can sell foods grown in these states to the listed Wisconsin counties:
    • Illinois—Grant, Green, Kenosha, Lafayette, Rock, and Walworth County
    • Iowa—Crawford, Grant, and Vernon County
    • Minnesota—Buffalo, Burnett, Douglas, La Crosse, Pepin, Pierce, Polk, St. Croix, Trempealeau, and Vernon County
    • Michigan—Florence, Forest, Iron, Marinette, and Vilas County

How do I become an FMNP farmer?

To join FMNP as a farmer, you must:

  • Contact your WIC office.
  • Attend a training in person or by video conference if:
    • You are new to the program.
    • You have broken FMNP rules before.
  • Read and sign an agreement. This confirms you know the program’s rules.

You cannot take FMNP checks until you finish these steps. Once complete, the state WIC office will send you:

  • A letter stating you are an FMNP authorized farmer.
  • A copy of the signed agreement, if not completed via DocuSign.
  • An FMNP sign to put up at the market or farmstand.
  • An FMNP stamp to add to all checks you get from FMNP buyers.
  • Check deposit instructions.

Renewing each year

Farmers need to renew their farmer agreements every three years. You will get an email or regular mailing if you need to renew your agreement. You do not have to take the training again (unless you broke FMNP rules).

FMNP modernization

Learn about updates to the program for 2023 including check deposit options, use of DocuSign, and technology use in the future.

FMNP Modernization webpage

Who do I contact?

For more details about FMNP or to schedule a training, contact your local WIC office.

To renew or for other questions, contact the state WIC office:

Last revised June 5, 2023