Information for Market Managers

One of the goals of the WIC and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) is to expand the awareness of, use of, and sales at farmers markets. Each year, the FMNP meets this goal by giving checks to WIC families and seniors to spend at farmers markets. This provides a new customer base to increase farmers market and vendor sales.

Approved markets

To be an approved FMNP market, the market must have:

  • An established site or sites of operation.

  • Established days and hours of operation.

  • At least three farmers present during market hours.

Application process for new farmers markets

Market managers should submit the market application F-44800 (PDF, 23 KB) to the state FMNP office.

When a farmers market is approved for the first time, the market manager will receive the following.

  • A letter stating the market has been approved.

  • A training manual explaining FMNP rules.

  • Local WIC contact information for questions and for training of farmers.

Farmers market information is provided to farmers and FMNP participants.

Reapplication process

Each year, the market manager will receive a reapplication form from the state FMNP office. This ensures that the most accurate information is provided to program participants.

Contact information

Last Revised: September 23, 2015