Health Care Providers and Professionals

This page contains Women, Infants and Children (WIC) and nutrition resources for health care providers and professionals.

See the publications directory P-44468 (PDF, 192 KB) for a complete listing of all WIC forms and publications.  

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WIC Prescriptions and Clinical Data Forms

WIC Prescriptions/Clinical Data (Children) F-44024B DOC, 34 KB
WIC Prescriptions/Clinical Data (Infants) F-44024D DOC, 23 KB
WIC Prescriptions/Clinical Data (Women) F-44024A DOC, 24 KB

Formula and Medical Food Publications

Child Formulas, Medical Foods and Other Foods, Prescription Required   P-40077C PDF, 62 KB
Infant Formulas, Contract Standard    P-40077A PDF, 40 KB
Infant Formulas, Exempt, Prescription Required P-40077B PDF, 80 KB
Women's Medical Foods and Other Foods, Prescription Required  P-40077D PDF, 31 KB

WIC Breast Pump Program

Wisconsin WIC Breast Pump Program, What Hospitals Need to Know  P-00871 PDF, 1 MB
Nutrition Data
Food Security in the Wisconsin WIC Population P-01100 PDF, 188 KB

Nutrition Fact Sheets

Infant Feeding for Full-term Infants P-40022 PDF, 86 KB
WIC Formulas for Infants and Children P-40023 PDF, 133 KB
Calcium Recommendations for Children and Adolescents P-40031 PDF, 160 KB
Folate and the Prevention of Neural Tube Defects P-40034 PDF, 70 KB
Gestational Diabetes P-40035 PDF, 68 KB
Prevention of Rickets and Vitamin D Deficiency in Infants P-40083 PDF, 81 KB
WIC Services for Infants, Children and Women with Special Health Care Needs P-40139 PDF, 78 KB


Last Revised: October 2, 2015