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Homelessness Forum

The purpose of the Wisconsin Homelessness Forum is to share and discuss local, state, and federal guidance; best practice strategies; and introduce evidence-based tools to bridge the gap between homeless service systems and human service and public health systems resulting in enhanced collaboration.

Forums will take place on the fourth Monday of each month, from 9–10:30 a.m.

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Taking Care of Yourself as You Care for Others:

Sustaining Workplace Wellness training recording is now available!

Click the following links to view each session's recording:

Training session one | Training session two | Training session three

The Homelessness Forum is a collaboration between the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, American Red Cross, Interagency Council on Homelessness, Racine City and County Continuum of Care, Madison and Dane County Continuum of Care, Milwaukee Continuum of Care, Balance of State Continuum of Care, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Wisconsin Emergency Management, Wisconsin Department of Administration, and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Submit topics to discuss

Stakeholders may submit suggestions for issues to be discussed during a Homelessness Forum by sending an email.

We encourage you to provide an email address or telephone number on the submission form so that we may respond to any issues or questions submitted that may be more appropriately answered on an individual basis rather than as a topic for the Homelessness Forum.

Past Homelessness Forums

Below are meeting agendas and recordings from previous forums. Please contact the speaker to obtain materials distributed during the forum. Speakers’ contact information is available at the bottom of the agenda.

2023 Materials

Date Meeting Agenda Information/Attachments

Forum Recording
passcode: nsz56#*A


Why Do Peer Services Work (PDF)

August 2023 COVID-19 Updates (PDF)

Forum Recording
passcode: QfnJP64

Forum Recording
passcode: 3W6?m%M6
Agenda Unwinding Toolkit Overview (PDF)

Forum Recording
passcode: 5&8kg#E%


Forum Recording
passcode: nL3Sn#7d

Agenda Street Service-Street Outreach in Racine (PDF)
Forum Recording
passcode: y$4UrZ.5
Agenda (PDF)

January 2023 COVID-19 Updates (PDF)

De-escalating Challenging Behavior (PDF)

Last revised September 15, 2023