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Adult Family Homes: Memos and Publications

This page includes helpful resources related to adult family homes. Publications are files or websites with additional information. Division of Quality Assurance (DQA) numbered memos are documents that deal with:

  • Adult family home policies.
  • Guidelines for adult family homes regulated by DQA.
  • Information and interpretation of federal and state regulations.

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Memos from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS)

View our Memos Library to access a wealth of communications issued by DHS regarding policies and procedures and how they should be put into action.

DQA numbered memos

Select a link to view the memo. You can also view the list of all DQA Memos.

For an official paper copy of any numbered memo, email or write:

Memo Number Description Issue Date Attachments Obsolete date
Residential Crisis Stabilization Facilities Licensure/Certification
Fire Watch, Fire Plan, and Fire Reporting Update
Prohibited Restraints and Restrictive Measures in Community-Based Programs and Facilities
Notice and Requirements for Submitting Four-Year Renewal of Licensee Background Check Information
Licensure/Certification Application for Temporary Assisted Living Facility Expansion Units and Transfer Options during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency State
Use of Remote Support Providers in Regulated Adult Family Homes
Last revised February 14, 2023