Home Health Agencies (HHAs) - Contacts


For complaints concerning the quality of care in home health agencies or hospices in Wisconsin, call the Home Health Hotline: 1-800-642-6552 or email Division of Quality Assurance.

Information about the Home Health Care Hotline

Filing a Complaint Resource Sheet (consumer information) (PDF,  55 KB)

General Questions:

Bureau of Health Services, Home Health Section Chief:
Ann Hansen, 608-266-0269

Home Health Nurse Consultant: 
Mary Jo Sutton, 920-360-7196

State Licensing & Federal Certification:
Angela K. Mack, 608-266-7485

Medications, Drug Administration:
Doug Englebert, 608-266-5388 or 262-538-0271

OASIS Education (content/interpretation):
Mary Jo Sutton, 920-360-7196

OASIS Automation:
Chris Benesh, 608-266-1718

All fires in a licensed health or residential care facility in Wisconsin must be reported to the Department of Health Services within 72 hours (check specific rule requirements).

  • You may use the Fire Report Form (Word, 78 KB) and fax to 608-267-0352. Questions about this process may be directed to the "Fire Authority" at 608-266-8016. Refer to DQA memo 15-007 (PDF, 186 KB) for additional information.

Director, Bureau of Health Services:
Cremear Mims, 414-227-4556

Administrator, Division of Quality Assurance:
Otis Woods, 608-267-7185

Last Revised: April 30, 2015