Providers - Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)

The Department of Health Services (DHS) is committed to providing technical assistance and support to providers of the Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) program. 

General CCS Information

CCS Expansion Information

Outcomes and Data

CCS Satisfaction Survey Materials

All CCS programs are expected "to assess consumer satisfaction and progress toward desired outcomes."  To meet this requirement, DHS is providing CCS service providers with surveys to administer to the families, youth, and adults in their programs.

Introductory Information

CCS Satisfaction Surveys

Data Entry and Reporting Workbooks

Sample Cover Letters

Training Resources: CCS Expansion

In June 2014, DHS staff offered a two-day training session in Madison on how to provide CCS in a regional model.  Each segment of this training was recorded.  The handouts for each segment are listed below the link to the video for each segment.

Training Resources: General

CCS Program Contacts

Last Revised: February 27, 2015