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Children’s Long-Term Support: Eligibility and Enrollment Streamlining Medicaid Enrollment Help

All kids in the Children’s Long-Term Support (CLTS) Program must qualify for Medicaid. They must stay enrolled in Medicaid as long as they are part of the CLTS Program. Support and service coordinators at county waiver agencies should know how to:

  • Verify Medicaid coverage.
  • Confirm Medicaid status.
  • Monitor Medicaid enrollment over time.

Learn about CLTS enrollment

Verify Medicaid coverage

Support and service coordinators prove Medicaid coverage for kids who are new to the CLTS Program. They also do this each year during renewal. There are a few ways you can record in the child’s file that you did this step:

Confirm Medicaid status

You may have to confirm a child’s Medicaid status at any time. The ForwardHealth Portal makes it easy. You can look up the Medicaid status of any child. This includes those in the CLTS Program and those waiting to join. The ForwardHealth Portal shows:

  • The source of Medicaid.
  • The effective enrollment dates.
  • When Medicaid eligibility might end or when someone may need to renew.

Monitor Medicaid enrollment over time

The ForwardHealth Portal helps you see one child’s Medicaid status. Sometimes, though, it’s helpful to see a full list of CLTS participants. Reports let you monitor entire groups of CLTS cases.

You can access reports in the ForwardHealth Portal or Business Objects. We find these two reports most helpful:

  • CLTS Waiver Enrollment Report—Finds up to three sources of Medicaid plus Katie Beckett for each child in the CLTS Program. Includes Medicaid start and end dates. These details can help show:
    • Any kids in the CLTS Program who don’t have a current source of Medicaid.
    • When each child’s Medicaid is due to renew or end.
  • Predictive Disenrollment Report—Provides a list of kids who are due to lose Medicaid at the end of the current or next month. These details can help you:
    • Find kids to refer for the home and community-based waiver. You can refer them because they are losing a form of Medicaid.
    • Track when you need to send income maintenance proof of functional eligibility and cost share determinations.
    • Work with CLTS Program families before Medicaid ends. This ensures seamless enrollment. You can remind parents or caregivers to do required paperwork for renewal.
    • Partner with groups who manage the source of Medicaid as needed to keep the child enrolled.

Learn more about reports on the Eligibility and Enrollment Streamlining (EES) Reports web page.

Last revised May 11, 2022