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Department of Health Services
1 West Wilson Street
Madison, WI 53703

General Phone Number: 608-266-1865
TTY Phone Number: 888-701-1251

Service Contact Phone Email
Private Well Water Roy Irving 608-266-2663
Program Certification, AODA & Mental Health Mark Hale 608-264-9864
Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) Diane Poole 608-267-4896
Provider Regulation Shari Klessig 608-266-7952
Public Health Main Line 608-266-1251
Public Health Nutrition Lisa Murphy 608-266-6780
Public Health Preparedness Program Joseph Cordova 608-267-9010
Public Health Workforce Development Program Melanie Johnson 608-266-8156
Purchases & Services Karl Kearns 608-266-8472
Rabies James Kazmierczak 608-266-2154
RADAR (Regional AODA Awareness Res. Network) Scott Stokes 608-266-9485
Radioactive Materials, Licensing, Agreement Mark Paulson 608-264-6516
Radioactive Waste/Radiological Health Paul Schmidt 608-267-4792
Radiological Environmental Monitoring Robert Busch 608-267-7320
Radon Jessica Maloney 608-267-7199
Records Management (Department) Lois Mulder 608-266-8502
Recruitment Questions BHR Bureau of Human Resources 608-267-7370
Register of Deeds Information Rebecca Biely 608-266-0330
Residential Care Apartment Complexes, General Damon Scott 414-227-4106
Restrictive Measures Policy BMC Bureau of Managed Care 608-267-7286
Risk Communication Beth Kaplan 608-261-9303
Rubella Stacey Moyer 608-266-9316
Rural Health Melanie Johnson 608-266-8156
Rural Health Clinic Regulation Jessica Tomczak 414-227-3982
SCAODA Council Michael Derr 608-267-3948


Last Revised: September 28, 2016