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Department of Health Services
1 West Wilson Street
Madison, WI 53703

General Phone Number: 608-266-1865
TTY Phone Number: 888-701-1251

Service Contact Phone Email
Healthcare, Preparedness Michelle Seitz 608-267-6833
Healthcare-associated Infections (HAIs) Ashlie Dowdell 608-266-1122
Healthiest Wisconsin 2010 and 2020 Melanie Johnson 608-266-8156
Healthy Birth Jayne Vargas 608-266-0220
Hearing Screening for Newborns and Infants Sharon Fleischfresser 608-266-3674
Heart Disease and Stroke Jessica Link 608-261-9422
Hepatitis A James Kazmierczak 608-266-2154
Hepatitis B Stephanie Borchardt 608-266-9923
Hepatitis C Sheila Guilfoyle 608-266-5819
Hepatitis D Stephanie Borchardt 608-266-9923
Hepatitis E James Kazmierczak 608-266-2154
Herbicides, Health Effects Rob Thiboldeaux 608-267-6844
Herpes Loriann Wunder 608-266-7922
HIPAA - Privacy Officer Kathy Johnson 608-266-5484
HIV Testing Jacob Dougherty 608-261-9429
Home Health Agencies - Survey Mary Kunz 608-266-6691
Home Health Agencies, Regulation Mary Kunz 608-266-6691
Hospice Interface, Nursing Homes/CBRFs Mary Kunz 608-266-6691
Hospice Regulation Mary Kunz 608-266-6691
Hospice, Survey Mary Kunz 608-266-6691
Hospital State Plan, Organ Transplants Dr. Lora Wiggins 608-267-7999
Hospitals, Emergency Department Data (for Wisconsin agencies) Richard Miller 608-267-3858
Hospitals, Inpatient Data (for Wisconsin agencies) Richard Miller 608-267-3858
Hospitals, Trauma Designation Julie Forcier 608-261-9300
Housing, Low-Income - Aged Kathleen Steele 608-266-2536


Last Revised: September 28, 2016