FoodShare and FSET Forms and Publications

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  • ACCESS - Apply Online
  • FoodShare Wisconsin Application Form - Includes the Registration and Important Information F-16019A
  • FoodShare Wisconsin Application Form - Includes the Registration, Important Information and Application F-16019B


  • FoodShare Makes Wisconsin Healthier P-16063
  • ForwardHealth Enrollment and Benefits Handbook P-00079
    A handbook will be mailed to each family who applies for a ForwardHealth Plan.
  • Guide to Applying for Wisconsin's Health and Nutrition Programs P-16091
  • QUEST Card Mailer/Wallet Card Only P-16075

Fact Sheets

  • ACCESS/Marketplace Takeaway Card P-00555
  • FoodShare Standard Utility Credits P-00654
  • FoodShare Employment and Training P-16092
  • FoodShare Makes Wisconsin Healthier P-16062
  • FoodShare Six Month Report P-16078
  • Information About Workfare and Work Experience P-01156
  • Key Contacts P-16108
  • Information About FoodShare Quality Control Reviews P-16000
  • The Facts About FoodShare Wisconsin for Senior Citizens and People with Disabilities P-16013
  • The Work Requirement for Adults Age 18 through 49 P-00710
  • FoodShare Employment and Training Vendor Map P-00921
  • Transitional FoodShare P-16074
  • Wisconsin Legal Services Programs P-10096 (PDF,  192 KB)
  • Your Wisconsin QUEST Card P-16088


  • Designation of Authorized  Buyer / Alternate Payee for FoodShare Benefits F-16004
  • FoodShare Change Report Form F-16006
  • FoodShare Income Change Report Form F-16066
  • Medicaid/BadgerCare Plus/FoodShare Wisconsin Authorization of Representative F-10126
  • Medical Exemption from Work Requirement for Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents F-01598

Income Limits

Current income limits


  • Print Your FoodShare ACCESS Summary Poster—Agency Printing Information P-01157A
  • Print Your FoodShare ACCESS Summary Poster—Applicant Printing Instructions P-01157
  • Your FoodShare Rights P-00102


FoodShare, Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Videos

Last Revised: December 14, 2015