Wisconsin QUEST Card

WI EBT card frontYour Wisconsin QUEST card is a safe and easy way to use your FoodShare benefits. It is a plastic debit card with your name, card number, and the Wisconsin QUEST logo on it.

You may use your QUEST card as often as you want. You do not need to spend a minimum dollar amount, and you do not need to pay a fee to make a purchase.

You can check your QUEST card balance at any time by going to the ebtEDGE website or using the ebtEDGE mobile app.

How can I pay with my QUEST card?

You can use your QUEST card to pay for food at stores, farmers markets, and other places that accept electronic benefits transfer (EBT) payments.

You can only use your QUEST card to buy food. If you are buying other items at the same time, you will be asked to provide another form of payment to pay for those items.

A store or farmers market

Check to see that the store or farmers market where you are shopping accepts EBT payments, then when you are checking out, pay by swiping your QUEST card at the payment terminal and entering your card PIN.


Pay at Pickup

Some grocery stores offer the option to order food online or over the phone and choose to pay with an EBT card at pickup, either curbside or in store. You can then swipe your QUEST card when you pick up your order and enter your card PIN. Check with your local grocery stores to see if they offer this option.

Pay online

You can order and pay for your food online through Amazon and Walmart Grocery. Both stores have an EBT card payment option for you to enter your QUEST card details. You will need to enter your card PIN each time you check out. 

Amazon delivers across the state. Walmart may deliver, or you may need to pick up your order at the store. Amazon and Walmart may charge you a delivery fee. If they do, you will need to pay using a different payment method. You won’t be able to use your QUEST card.

If you experience any issues when paying online with your QUEST card, first make sure you have a balance on your card by going to the ebtEDGE website, using the ebtEDGE mobile app, or calling QUEST Card Service at 877-415-5164. If you have a balance and are still unable to complete your transaction, contact customer service at Amazon or Walmart for help.

Note: At this time, the federal government has only approved Amazon and Walmart to accept online QUEST card payments. Other stores may be approved to accept these online payments in the future.

Other places

If you eat at a group meal site for senior citizens or have your meals delivered to your home, you can use your QUEST card to pay for those meals if the site or provider is authorized to accept EBT payments. 

You can also use your use your QUEST card to pay for meals at one of the following if the facility is authorized to accept EBT payments:

  • Drug and alcohol treatment center
  • Domestic violence or domestic abuse shelter  
  • Homeless shelter
  • Group home for people with disabilities

In these instances, you will either be able to swipe your QUEST card and enter your PIN to pay for the meals, or the facility will swipe your QUEST card monthly to pay for the meals.


Where can I find more information about using my QUEST card?

You can learn more about using your card by:

What can QUEST Card Service help me with?

You can call QUEST Card Service at 877-415-5164:

  • If you did not get your QUEST card.
  • To get your QUEST card balance.
  • To report a lost, stolen, or damaged QUEST card.
  • To replace your QUEST card.
  • For general information about your QUEST card.

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Last Revised: August 16, 2021