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Children’s Long-Term Support: Eligibility and Enrollment Streamlining for Counties

Eligibility and enrollment streamlining (EES) is a secure, online method to enter and update Children’s Long-Term Support (CLTS) Program enrollment in Wisconsin’s Medicaid Management Information System through the ForwardHealth Portal. Support and service coordinators at county waiver agencies use EES.

EES has many functions:

  • Provides a file each day to our third-party administrator. They process claims.
  • Runs reports each month for counties.
  • Sends notices to CLTS families.
  • Tracks key details about CLTS enrollment.

Learn about CLTS enrollment

What to know about EES

For more on EES, view:

EES enrollment

These resources help start a child’s CLTS enrollment:

EES disenrollment

These resources help end a child’s CLTS enrollment:

EES reports

These resources help get reports from EES:

Questions about EES?

Last revised August 31, 2023