EMS and EMT License Reciprocity

The mission of the Wisconsin Emergency Medical Services (EMS) program is to ensure that the highest quality and standards of pre-hospital emergency medical care are available to all Wisconsin citizens and visitors. Certification or licensing provides a level of protection to Wisconsin citizens and visitors, and assures that an individual holding a certificate or license has met certain minimum standards and is authorized to practice, as defined by law.

EMS personnel licensed or received education and training in states and territories other than Wisconsin may be eligible for EMS licensure in Wisconsin. Documentation and materials needed to determine license eligibility are outlined below.

How to Apply

You will need to create an EMS account in the Wisconsin E-Licensing system. Please correctly enter your legal name and demographic information.  Please make sure the email address entered in your E-Licensing account is current and that you are able to access it regularly. Our office uses the email addresses in E-Licensing to communicate with all EMS Providers. Materials will be reviewed and applicants will be notified of eligibility via email listed in your Wisconsin E-Licensing account. 

In your EMS account, in your “Application” tab you will locate the “Certification and Reporting” application to complete to reflect your current CPR, ACLS, PALS and PEPP certifications to support your Wisconsin EMS application. You must hold current CPR certification at the professional level by an organization specified under Wis. Admin Code. § DHS 110.17 (1).

You must complete a Reciprocity Application in your EMS account in the “Application” tab. This form must be completed by individuals applying for a Reciprocity License by individuals who either hold a current license from another state or has obtained their training in any area outside of Wisconsin.

Reciprocity applications require you to provide your current NREMT certification number for all initial Wisconsin EMS licensure levels. If you do not hold current NREMT certification, you will need to obtain NREMT certification by completing the NREMT Psychomotor and NREMT Cognitive assessment examination process for initial Wisconsin EMS licensure. Your approval to test will be granted by the state you currently hold EMS certification or licensure .

You must complete an Out-of-State Trained Individuals Verification of Education Form. This form must be completed by the educational facility an individual applying for a Reciprocity License who received their education and training in other states and territories. This form is sent by the applicant to the educational facility to be completed and returned to the WI EMS office and added to your EMS account.

You will need to complete an Out-of-State Verification of License Form (VOL). You must provide this form to be completed by the state(s) EMS you have been educated in, states you currently hold or previously held a license from another state (State EMS Agency Listing). The VOL form verifies licensure and is used to verify that the applicant is in good standing as a provider in other states and territories.

The individual does not have an arrest or conviction record that is substantially related to performing the duties of an EMS professional, as determined by DHS. If you have an arrest or conviction record, you must include this information on your renewal application.

You must submit documentation of successful completion of a current Terrorism Awareness course. Submit a copy of the Certificate of Completion for an approved Terrorism Awareness course only if you have not completed this course previously.

An administrative fee of $50 must be submitted with any reciprocity application.

Contact Information

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Last Revised: May 28, 2020