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EMS: License Reciprocity in Wisconsin

If you have a current Emergency Medical Services (EMS) license or certification from another state, you may be able to apply for license reciprocity in Wisconsin.

Who is eligible

Eligibility criteria for license reciprocity is based on Wis. Admin Code ch. DHS 110.066, Application for License or Certificate When Licensed and Trained in Another State as an EMS Professional. You must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Be able to perform the actions that the department defines in the scope of practice, at the level for which you’re applying.
  • Have proof of a current license or certificate from another state. The license or certificate must be at or above the level for which you are currently applying. You also must have a completed Verification of Licensure form from every state where you have been licensed or certified as an emergency medical responder or EMS practitioner.
  • Be able to complete the cognitive and psychomotor exam through the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) for the current license or certification. If you have current NREMT certification at or above the level you’re applying for, you may not have to take the NREMT exam.
  • Have proof that you passed a CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) course within the last two years at the health care professional level. If you are applying for a license as a paramedic, you also must have passed courses in:
    • Advanced Cardiac Life Support.
    • Pediatric Advanced Life Support, pediatric education for pre-hospital professionals at the advanced life support level, or an equivalent that the department approves.
  • Not have an arrest or conviction record that relates directly to performing the duties of an emergency medical responder or EMS practitioner.
  • Be able to complete training for responding to acts of terrorism. If you have passed an equivalent course, present proof to the department for review.

How to apply for license reciprocity

Before you apply for license reciprocity, set up an EMS E-Licensing account. Make sure that the demographic information in your E-Licensing account matches your NREMT account.

To apply for licensing reciprocity, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your E-Licensing account.
  2. From the Applications tab, select EMS Reciprocity Application.
  3. Upload your CPR card. If you’re applying at the paramedic level, also upload your Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support cards.
  4. Add your current NREMT number and expiration date. You must have a current NREMT certification to get reciprocity in Wisconsin.
  5. Download and send the Verification of Licensure form to the state EMS office where you are currently licensed.
    1. Select Verification of Licensure from the Applications tab.
    2. Select Apply now.
    3. Send the PDF that’s populated with your demographic information to the state office in which you are licensed.
    4. Our office will process the form when we get it from the state office.
  6. Download and send the Verification of Education form to the EMS training center where you completed the highest level of initial EMS training or continuing education.
    1. Select Verification of Education from the Applications tab.
    2. Select Apply now.
    3. Send the PDF that’s populated with your demographic information to the EMS educational facility.
    4. Upload copies of your current Verification of Education and/or EMS course completion certificate(s). Use the Documents tab.
  7. Upload a current Weapons of Mass Destruction course completion certificate. The certificate must be from training you completed within six months of your EMS reciprocity license. If you haven’t taken this course, we offer free Weapons of Mass Destruction Online Training.
  8. Pay the reciprocity fee.

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Last revised June 19, 2023