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EMS Service Map

Use the interactive map below to locate Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers in Wisconsin. Hover over any location to access detailed information about each EMS service, including the service name and contact details.

Clicking on or hovering over any of the map's shapes will display contact information along with general details about each service. The displayed data include:

  • Service Name
  • License Level
  • Service E-Mail
  • Service Phone Number
  • Service Primary Address
  • Service Primary Type
  • Region Number
  • Regional Coordinator
  • Service Organization Status

Service License Level Filter:

This filter also functions as a legend. Each Service License Level corresponds to a different color. To view only EMS Stations with the same Service License Level, click on the box with the color sample or the description of the license level next to the color box. To exit this filter and display all service levels again, simply click on the color box or license level description that was chosen.

Primary Service Type Filter:

This filter serves as both a legend and a filter. Each type of service is represented by a corresponding shape on the map. To filter and display only one type of service, click on the shape or the description of the Service Primary Type. To exit this filter and display all Service Primary Types, click back on that Service Primary Type shape or description in the filter.

Highlight Region Filter:

To highlight a specific region, enter the region number in the provided box. Wisconsin has seven Elite Regions. To highlight any one of these regions, enter the region number (1 through 7) in the box. This will highlight the specified region number. To remove the highlight, simply delete the number from the box.

The information on this map is sourced from the E-Licensing database, which contains data entered by each EMS service in Wisconsin. This data is used for state licensing purposes and includes the EMS service's name, licenses held, level of care provided, contact information, roster of EMS personnel, and operational details.

Please note that Tactical Emergency Medical Service (TEMS) units and Community Emergency Medical Service (CEMS)units are not displayed on this map. The addresses used to create this map are the primary service addresses entered into E-Licensing. If the primary service address could not generate GPS coordinates, the public address for that EMS service was used.

This map is updated quarterly.

  • Flat image of an icon showing either download or install
    To download the data on this map look below the map and find the download icon.
  • Click on the download icon.
  • Select a format. For an Excel file select "crosstab" for the format.
  • If you choose the "crosstab" option, you will be able to choose either Excel or CSV format.
  • Click the "download" icon to download a file with all of the EMS Services and their contact information that are shown on the map.


Last revised October 3, 2023