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EMS license/certificate renewal information can be found on our 2020–2023 License Renewal Information webpage.

Refresher requirements for renewal can be found on our Educational Requirements for EMS License Renewal webpage.

The State of Wisconsin EMS Office manages all licensure and credentialing through our license management system, E-Licensing. All applicants must access the E-Licensing public portal to create an account.

Per Wis. Admin Code § DHS 110.10(1), the Wisconsin EMS Office has 60 business days to review complete applications. Due to the volume of applications submitted, the Wisconsin EMS Office is not able to provide status updates for applications until four weeks after submission.

Creating an E-Licensing Account

You will need to create an EMS account in the Wisconsin E-Licensing system using the E-Licensing Account Setup Instructions, P-00617 (PDF) guide. It is important that your legal name and demographic information is entered correctly. Email is the primary method of communication between the State EMS Office and the account holder. Please make sure the email address entered in your E-Licensing account is current and that you are able to access it regularly.

Login and Passwords

When you first log into E-Licensing, click on "Update Profile" and make certain that all your personal information is correct and up-to-date. It is your responsibility to keep this information current at all times. If you move or obtain a new email address, please log into E-Licensing and update your profile.

If you currently have a Wisconsin E-Licensing account but are unable to access your account, you can recover your login and password information. For further assistance, contact the Wisconsin EMS Office.

E-Licensing is viewed best in either Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

How to Apply

All applications for permits, certification or licensure are located in the "Applications" tab on your E-Licensing account. All forms must be completed by the individual applying for a Wisconsin EMS permit, certification or licensure. Information about your pending application status will only be shared with you, the applicant. E-Licensing will communicate with you by email as you go through the application process.

Once your license is issued, you will be notified by email. You may then log into E-Licensing and print a copy of your license. Only then should you complete a Local Credential Agreement.

Information on all available applications can be found on our EMS License Application Information webpage.

2020-2023 EMS Licensing Renewal Information

A licensed provider that fails to renew their license by their license expiration date may not represent, function as or perform the duties of a certified emergency medical responder or licensed EMS practitioner after the date of license expiration. If you are credentialed with a service and your license expires, you will be automatically removed from the service roster. Wis. Admin. Code § DHS 110.05(2)

Renewal information and directions can be found on our 2020-2023 EMS Licensing Renewal Information webpage.


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