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EMS: Adding RN/PA/MD/DO to EMS Service Roster

Wis. Stat. § 256.15 (4)(a)(b)

Wisconsin Admin. Code § DHS 110.50 (2): 

A physician, physician assistant or a registered nurse may take the place of any EMT at any service level provided he or she is trained and competent in all skills, medications and equipment used by that level of EMT in the pre-hospital setting and provided he or she is approved by the service medical director. A physician assistant or registered nurse may not practice at a higher level of care than the level at which the service is licensed.

To be added as a member of a legal crew operating on your RN/MD/DO/PA license, please complete the following :

Please review the Wisconsin Scope of Practice Document ​​​ for information regarding skills/procedures/medications that are permitted within each license level.

If you have any questions, please email the Wisconsin EMS office, or call 608-266-1568.


Last revised June 15, 2022