Tactical Emergency Medical Service (TEMS) Information

Services providing TEMS endorsed service in Wisconsin must meet the following criteria:

  • Be licensed as a TEMS Unit.
  • Operate under an approved operational plan.
  • Operate under approved protocols.
  • Operate with licensed/certified EMS personnel, credentialed with that service.

Endorsed TEMS Providers in Wisconsin must meet the following criteria:

  • Be credentialed and affiliated with a licensed TEMS Team.
  • Hold a current EMS License from the State of Wisconsin (expires June 30 of even-numbered years).
  • Follow approved protocols.

Individual TEMS Endorsement

This may be obtained by completing a Provider Upgrade Application from an individual's E-Licensing account.  You will need a letter from the TEMS Service Director identifying you as being affiliated with their service.  After you obtain the TEMS endorsement you will then need to complete a Local Credential Agreement (LCA) for that TEMS service.  After the Service Director and Medical Director for the TEMS service approve the LCA you will be added to their roster.

Service TEMS Endorsement

TEMS Teams functioning within the state need to have an approved Operational Plan outlining that service's license level and protocols. To assist the service in obtaining this endorsement, the link below can be used to help guide the service in preparing the Operational Plan that will need to be submitted for approval:

Last Revised: January 8, 2018