Emergency Preparedness, Prevention and Safety

Wisconsin EMS is closely integrated with Wisconsin Hospital Emergency Preparedness Program (WHEPP) and Public Health Emergency Preparedness.

The Wisconsin Hospital Emergency Preparedness Program supports hospital emergency preparedness planning and response to mass casualty incidents or pandemic events. 

Wisconsin's public health preparedness program supports and enhances the capacity of the state, local public health departments/Tribes, and the healthcare system to prepare for public health threats and emergencies through planning, exercising, responding, and training.  Public health is better equipped, has improved its response plans, is planning regionally as well as locally, is training staff, and has exercised the public health response plans across the state. 

In a public health emergency, it is frequently EMS that has first contact with those affected. In hospital disaster response, EMS is called upon to assist within the hospital as well as transporting patients to other facilities away from the disaster.  

Below you will find guidance and planning documents to assist in your services' preparedness, prevention and safety efforts:


Pandemic Flu



Last Revised: December 29, 2014