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EMS: Emergency Preparedness, Prevention, and Safety

Wisconsin EMS (Emergency Medical Services) works closely with:

  • Wisconsin Hospital Emergency Preparedness Program—Supports hospitals as they plan and prepare for emergencies, pandemics, or events that affect many people.
  • Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program—Supports states, local health departments, tribal nations, and health care systems. The program helps prepare for public health threats and emergencies. Their approach involves planning, exercising, responding, and training. It results in public health that:
    • Is better equipped.
    • Has improved response plans.
    • Plans across the region and locally.
    • Trains staff.
    • Uses public health response plans across the state.

EMS and public health emergencies

In a public health emergency, often EMS makes the first contact with people who are affected. With hospital disaster response, EMS helps within the hospital. They also move patients to other facilities away from a disaster.

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Last revised April 4, 2023