State EMS Medical Director

The State EMS Medical Director seeks input from the Physician Advisory Committee on medical issues. The Medical Director, as a direct consultant to the Department, can make recommendations independent of other advisory bodies.

Duties of the EMS State Medical Director include:

  • Provide quality-of-care oversight for the EMS system.
  • Develop and implement a focused quality improvement program for continuous system and patient care improvement. This program is to be developed with input from the EMS Physician Advisory Committee. This will include assisting with the development of a medical director handbook.
  • Develop and/or review standard treatment, triage, and operating protocols.
  • Facilitate establishment of more structured and standardized procedures for providing pre-hospital care.
  • Provide medical guidance on hospital designation and/or categorization.
  • Participate on committees established by the Office of Preparedness and Emergency Health Care (OPEHC), EMS Section and/or the EMS Advisory Board.
  • Assist in the development of EMS response for disaster preparedness.
  • Meet with the EMS Physician Advisory Committee on an ongoing basis.
  • Provide liaison between the State EMS Office and the medical community.
  • Assist the Department in establishing and revising rules and regulations.
  • Serve as a primary medical advisor to the State EMS Office on all medically related matters.

The State of Wisconsin EMS Medical Director is Dr. Riccardo Colella, DO, MPH, FACEP.  He can be contacted by email at

Last Revised: August 22, 2019