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EMS Information for the Public

This page provides general information about the services EMS provides and answers to the most frequently asked questions that come to the EMS office.

This page also has information about Do Not Resuscitate, patient privacy, preventing diseases, and more.

If you can't find the information you need below, please contact our office.



EMS rules and regulations

The EMS Board issues recommendations on EMS-related topics to the Department of Health Services (DHS). EMS board members are appointed by the Governor.

DHS issues guidance to update providers and interested parties of important information related to EMS processes and procedures.

EMS Numbered Memos

The laws that govern Wisconsin EMS can be found in the Wisconsin Administrative Code and the Wisconsin Statutes.

Wis. Stat. § 256.08 directs DHS to prepare a state EMS plan to identify priorities for changes in the state's EMS system for the two years following preparation of the plan.

Wisconsin EMS Plan (PDF)

Guidelines, programs, and history

Anyone who has a problem with EMS has the right to file a complaint. The Wisconsin EMS Office receives and reviews all complaints about EMS personnel, services, and certified EMS Training Centers regarding EMS issues and violations of EMS rules.

Learn how to file a complaint.

Learn about your rights and about changes to law regarding your privacy.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)

Learn about the history of EMS in Wisconsin and its logo.

History of Wisconsin EMS

View the State of Wisconsin Trauma Field Triage Guidelines in an easy-to-understand one-page fact sheet.

Trauma Triage Guidelines P-00454 (PDF)

Wisconsin Ambulance Run Data System (WARDS) Elite is a secure web-based data reporting system. Ambulance service providers enter and submit their information electronically.

Wisconsin Ambulance Run Data System (WARDS) Elite

The Wisconsin Emergency Assistance Volunteer Registry (WEAVR), is a secure, password-protected, web-based volunteer registration system for health care and behavioral health professionals. Volunteers may be asked to fill critical response and recovery roles following a major public health emergency.

Do Not Resuscitate

A Do-Not-Resuscitate order directs emergency medical technicians, first responders and emergency health care facilities personnel not to attempt resuscitation of the person for whom the order is issued if that person has a heart attack or stops breathing.

Prevention and safety information

Last revised October 7, 2021