EMT-Basic Training Permit

This training permit is required to become part of a legal crew on an ambulance service licensed at the Basic level. This is described in DHS 110.50(1)(a). If the service is licensed above the level of EMT-Basic, this option is not available to the individual. The instructor does not have anything to do with this process as it is an application that is between the individual, the service director, and the medical director. The EMT-Basic Training Permit (ONLY FOR PART OF A LICENSED EMT-BASIC SERVICE) application is found in the E-Licensing System under "Applications".

Rules for Timely Permit Review

  1. Please do not complete an EMT-Basic Training Permit application if the service you are looking to become affiliated with is not licensed at the Basic level.
  2. Make sure that the permit application is complete. This means that all boxes are filled in and all questions are answered. Our office is only able to act on a complete application. If the applications are not complete, it will delay its being processed. 
  3. Make sure that the appropriate documents are uploaded to the application. The needed information is described on the permit itself. If you answer "yes" to the driving history question, the only acceptable documentation is a Wisconsin DOT driving abstract available from their website or by calling 608-261-2566. This abstract must be printed within 30 days of the application submission. If you answer "yes" to the criminal history questions, then you must submit the following information for each offense convicted or pending (a). Criminal complaint (b). Judgment of conviction (c). Verification of compliance with all terms of sentencing including chemical dependency assessments if ordered by the court and verification of compliance/completion of probation or parole. 
  4. Please do not complete a Training Permit-Basic Local Credential Agreement until the EMT-Basic Training Permit application has been issued.
  5. If you have questions please e-mail dhsemssmail@wisconsin.gov.

Adhering to the processes as described above will further enhance our ability to provide timely decisions to those waiting for permits. Please be aware that due to the length and complexity of some criminal history issues, it may not always be possible to give an immediate decision and we may need to confer with our legal council regarding the final decision. This is usually the exception and not the rule.

If you were looking for information about the training permit that is required to participate it clinical and "ride along" experience for a training course, please go to the EMS Training Center Training Permit webpage.

Last Revised: September 8, 2015