Community-Based Residential Facilities (CBRFs) - Provider Information

Questions and comments, email the Division of Quality Assurance, attention Bureau of Assisted Living.

Division of Quality Assurance Information:

Starting Up a CBRF

  • Please note: Applications not acted upon by the applicant will be closed after one (1) year.

DHS 83 Industry Training - Modules 1 - 4

DHS 83 Questions and Answers (PDF, 259 KB)

e-SOD/e-POC Provider Information also refer to DQA Memo 13-002 (PDF, 109 KB)

Assisted Living Forum

Injury/Falls Prevention

Medication Management Initiative

Assisted Living Facility Survey Guide (P-63186) (PDF, 118 KB)

Assisted Living Additional Resources

Guidelines for Assisted Living Enforcement (P-63200) (PDF, 91 KB)

Resident Relocation Manual for bed closures/facility closure

Reporting Client / Patient Death Attributable to Suicide, Restraint, or Psychotropic Medication

Facilities Seeking to Perform Laboratory Testing - Information

Medication Errors

Basic Information about CBRFs including Directories of Facilities - Consumer Guide to Health Care

Assisted Living Consumer Information

Assisted Living Facility Check List (PDF, 57 KB)

Approved Training Programs for staff working or seeking to work in CBRFs

Hospice/CBRF Interface (P-00314) (PDF, 88 KB) - Guideline to Care Coordination for Hospice Patients in Community-Based Residential Facilities 

  • PLEASE NOTE:  This document was prepared by the Hospice Organization of Wisconsin (HOW) and is not a product of the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.
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Additional Wisconsin Information

Last Revised: May 13, 2016