Adult Day Care Providers: Provider Information

  • New Online System for Assisted Living Facility License/Certification Continuations via E-Renewal

    The Bureau of Assisted Living requires all regulated assisted living providers to submit biennial/annual reports and license/certification continuations using the e-renewal program. The e-renewal system has simplified the biennial/annual report and license/certification continuation payment process by providing the ability to complete, sign, and submit biennial/annual reports online.

    Refer to Assisted Living Online License and Certification Continuations via E-Renewal for additional information.

e-SOD/e-POC Provider Information

Medication Management Initiative

Injury/Falls Prevention

Assisted Living Facility Survey Guide

Wisconsin Assisted Living Consumer Information includes the following:

Assisted Living Forum

Assisted Living Online License and Certification Continuations via E-Renewal

Assisted Living: Standards of Practice Resources

Assisted Living Additional Resources

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC): Starting a Business in Wisconsin

The Diabetes Prevention & Control Program in Wisconsin Includes links to Care Guidelines and Strategic Plan

Federal Resources – Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, HIPAA, Civil Rights, US Department of Labor, etc.

Waivers, Approvals, Variances, and Exceptions: Assisted Living

Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement in Assisted Living

Safety in Healthcare

Emergency Preparedness

U.S. Department of Labor

Wisconsin's Outbreak Resource

Seasonal Information

Last Revised: September 15, 2021