ForwardHealth Program Resources

 Find contact information for your agency to apply for any of the programs listed below.


FoodShare Wisconsin is a program that helps qualified low-income Wisconsin residents buy the food they need for good health.



SeniorCare is a prescription drug assistance program for qualified Wisconsin residents who are 65 years old or older.



Caretaker Supplement is a cash benefit available to qualified low-income parents who are receiving Supplemental Security Income payments.


Family Planning Only Services is a program that provides certain family planning-related services and supplies to qualified men and women.

Other Resources

Aging and Disability Resource Centers

Aging and Disability Resource Centers help people understand their long-term care options and apply for programs and benefits.

Disability Rights of Wisconsin

Disability Rights of Wisconsin is a private nonprofit organization that provides advocacy and legal support to Wisconsin residents.

Fair Hearings

You have the right to appeal a decision made about your benefits. You can get the Request for Fair Hearing form online.



Legal Services

The following nonprofit organizations provide low-income Wisconsin residents with free legal services:

Last Revised: August 9, 2018